2. lipnja 2013.

QueerArtLAB // SpaceID Madrid // Task #2 + Acts of Self - Reinventing a part of self

Towards Space/ID Madrid, task#2 is to "present one or more work of yours/your collective(s) that you developed on art, gender, sexuality, social justice and public space". I bring you the knitted dildos, butt plugs and double ended dildos! 

It is all about re-appropriation of sexuality. As a technique knitting has been limited by the dominant society to the sphere of privacy, home. Same is with the sexuality which has been removed from the place of public debate by acts of self-control and self-management characteristic of bourgeois society.Today, sexual identities are produced and reproduced by pornography as fetishized sexuality. Knitting gay fetish objects is an act of re-appropriation of sexuality, of questioning the boundaries of privacy and common, and an act of opening a public debate on sexuality.
In the line with the above mentioned, as part of Acts of Self - Reinventing a part of self, here I present you a re-appropriation of sexual identity performed on myself. Hand knitted jock-strap and harnesses are sported by me at the location of a local cruising ground. 

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