26. svibnja 2013.

queerANarchive goes to Madrid

This summer queerANarchive goes to Madrid. There we will participate at Space/ID Madrid laboratory together with artists, activists, educators youth workers and youth leaders from Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain. Among 151 applications 18 participants were granted  full coverage of board and lodging for the whole duration of the activities and 70% of travel expenses. Among them three are from Croatia, Ante Prša (ZG), Antonio Kiselic Ledinsky (RI) and Tonči Kranjčević Batalić (ST - queerANarchive).

Space/ID Madrid is a 6-days training focusing on art, gender, sexuality and public space that takes place in Madrid (Spain) July 8-14, 2013. The project is promoted by Entre Lineas and in partnership with Betty&Books (IT), OLKE (GR), qSPORT (HR),Rooftop Theater Group (CY).  Participants will be involved in study, discussion, and art practices as we work about art, community, and self-expression for an exploration of the aesthetics of sexuality and gender via art in public space, while also participating to local public art events and forums organized by local organizations. The project aims to examine how elements of art and performance shape both identity and public space and seek ways to integrate them towards social change
queerANarchive will seize the opportunity to further explore spaces of common sexuality and social practices that constitute such spaces,  complex correlations between privacy and public discourse that happens at such spaces, both public and private places, and  how individual and/or common sexual and gender identities relate to the above mentioned spaces. That means that in July you can expect a lot of material from cruising grounds and cruising clubs in Madrid, and hopefully a collective art project as a result of research and networking. In the meanwhile, the posts will bring the preparatory work, based on the set of tasks proposed by Space/ID Madrid. Other participants will also publish their work and you can see it on QueerArtLAB facebook group. 

As we go internationally for next few months the language of the blog will be changed to English. 

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